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Collective Licensing International LLC

Collective Licensing International (CLI) is a brand development and licensing company located in Englewood, a suburb of Denver, Colorado that specializes in building, launching, licensing and growing brands focused on the youth lifestyle market, including Airwalk, Vision Street Wear, Sims and Lamar Snowboards, among others.

The CLI business model is unique, compared to traditional licensing companies, due to the powerful combination of award-winning consumer marketing and industry-leading licensee support the firm provides. Driving the CLI model is a focus on three primary areas: consumer insight, innovative design and creative marketing.

While consumer insight usually includes input from consumer research, market visits and competitive analysis, it is the CLI team’s youth market DNA that allows them to understand how to put it all together and draw meaningful conclusions. Conclusions that are provided to brand licensees and used to shape design and marketing initiatives.

CLI’s product and graphic designers leverage their considerable creative talent and youth market understanding to deliver a regular flow of innovative design assets to brand licensees. These are then used by the licensees to ensure that their collections of footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories are as brand right and market relevant as possible.

CLI also develops an arsenal of creative marketing assets that includes, among other things, brand imagery, print advertising, web marketing, professional athletes, social network marketing and brand promotions. All of which are intended to raise brand awareness, enhance brand affinity and support the marketing efforts of brand licensees.

Finally, all of the consumer insight, product design and creative marketing assets created by CLI are posted on a B2B site specifically designed to provide each brand licensee with convenient and easy-to-use access to the entire collection of brand assets.

At Collective Licensing, we believe everyone, if given the choice, is drawn to great design and creative thinking. We believe that authenticity is critical and can be cultivated regardless of size. And, we believe that when faced with an overwhelming sea of choices, consumers are looking for guidance … guidance provided to them by the promise of a brand.

Collective Licensing delivers on that promise.

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